quicksonos 1.3

Tired of tapping 15 times before you can access a Sonos Zone its controls ? Quicksonos is an iOS today view widget which gives you quick access to your Sonos Zones controls, straight from your lockscreen.

This version has support Music Shift. Quickly shift your music from one zone to another by 2 quick taps, see below the video for more.

Introducing Music Shift

Music Shift allows you to quickly shift your music from one room in your house to another. After you took a shower you only need one swipe and two taps to shift your current playing song (without the annoyance of interrupted music) and everything else in your queue to a different room. No distractions and a true multiroom experience.

When leaving a room tap this button
Then tap this button of the room you are entering

Grouped zones

Quick Sonos has the ability to show you the names of the grouped zones instead of the silly 'Bathroom + 1' presentation.

Single, Double, triple or long press

The buttons in Quick Sonos have multiple actions depending on how you press them (single, double, triple or long press).

You can contact me at widget at quicksonos dot be.

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